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That is what I find really interesting.
You know you can experiment, try things. You can't break it.

When I bought version 1 of Edius . I cleared my mind kept the manual closed captured some footage and started editing clicking left and right.
I knew which things I wanted to achieve. After 2 days I opened the manual and saw that I could do thing that where not in there.

There where also thing I could achieve easier. But I had discovered more then one way to achieve something.

When one of our Editors joined us she used to cut on Discreet Edit.
I fired up Edius and asked here if I should run here trough the application. She said no asked me the shortcut key card and spend a day with Edius.
next day she had a few questions.
But she could achieve stuff because the basic editing things don't change.
Btw she fell in love with Edius and never asked me about transitions or effects.
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