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Default advc110 delay in analog video out

i just got the advc 110 and am using it in part to better view edits in prem pro 2
via a tv.
i am getting some delay between the image on prem pro program screen and the image on the tv (tv is later) the sync is fine on pp2
i was using my dv camera for this and it seemed to work ok
also it may be my (vivid) imagination but it seems to be worse on pal
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Because the system has to encode the video to DV, then the receiving device has to decode the DV back to analog, there will be a delay - whether you're using an ADVC or a DV camera/deck. There's still an encode/decode delay.

You should preview both audio and video from the same source (either the PC screen or the ADVC) to ensure proper A/V sync.
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thanks for that, great help
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