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Default The Milky Way, A Journey Across Land And Sea (4K) Time Lapse Film

Here is a link to a time lapse film we just completed for 2019. This was a crazy challenging edit. The file ended up slightly over 1 terabyte! The approx 9000 43 mega pixel stills- over 8K of res- once put into sequence were then converted to GV HQX, since there were many mat composites needed to remove problems caused by people's headlights, spotlights, etc., the composites were then output as GV Lossless for the final timeline.

Edius 8.52 wasn't too happy about slinging all this data around on my 4790 system, but it got the job done. I doubt whether any other NLE would have handled it any better than Edius.

Yosemite Channel - Barry Chall Films:

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