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Default Windows 10 - Upgrades ?

I hope this is the best forum to ask about Windows 10. Thanks "moderator" to confirmate...

This is what I read yesterday (sorry this is French...) :

Here is a rough translation with Google.

Windows 10 security update KB4532693 makes files disappear and poses startup problems for some users.

In recent months, Microsoft has chained problems one after the other during the deployment of its updates. The American company is not finished, since a recent security update, launched a few days ago, poses new concerns.

On the Microsoft support forums, many users have complained that they have lost files or experienced problems starting their machine after installing the KB4532693 patch.
Unable to delete files and start up

After installing the famous patch from the Windows 10 update utility, several people said that the operating system's Start menu had been reset to its default settings. Worse, other users have seen all the files saved on the OS desktop disappear.

The problem is, in fact, due to the fact that Windows renames the user directory or loads a temporary user profile, thereby removing all files and shortcut icons from the desktop and the Start menu.
Also to discover on video:

But if some users affected by the problem managed to find their data by uninstalling the patch, restarting their machine several times, or by going to look for their data directly in the correct temporary directory, others were not so lucky.

Also on the Microsoft forums, several users affected by the problem indicate that they were unable to recover the data deleted by the update. Even worse, other users have complained that their computers simply don't start up anymore, or display a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), in other words, a blue screen.

To get back to normal, the only possible solution for now would be to pause operating system updates for a while, and manually uninstall the Windows 10 update that is causing the problem.

Any opinion ?
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