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You made a good choice hardwarewise considering your lower budget, this system will last you a few years even if you use it to edit 4K footage. That your vice president won't sign off for a non-dell system is most likely because all pc's used in your company are dell, there is a reason why companies don't buy second hand pc's or mix pc brands, that would be a nightmare for the IT department. :) I know as I used to work in a company with 70K + employees and had DELL as only pc supplier.

Like Bernh says the build in soundcard is fine if you just want to connect some speakers directly, all depends on your needs, I have a external USB 2.0 audio interface because I was getting some interferance with my studiomonitors (like a buzzing sound in the background) and with a external card that went away + I noticed the sound coming out of my speakers sound a lot better now then when it was connected directly to my motherboard audio interface.

One thing I"m not sure about is to make quicksync work on a dell pc, you might have to make some changes in the bios and from what I recall from my dell pc's that I have used in the past was that certain bios functions where sometimes locked, something that DELL added probably to prevent users from messing up their system and calling upon dell support to fix it. Not sure how they do that now as what I am talking about has been many years ago.

Quicksync is a function you don't want to miss as it can make quite a difference, even if the i7 8700 is no slow processor.

Your videocard should be fine as well if you want to use it for Edius only, Edius does not rely on a seperate videocard as much, unless you use gpu accelerated effects a lot or plugins like neatvideo as that will make a difference. As long as you have no intentions to play the latest games then it's just fine but I guess your vice-president would not sign-off on that either :)

And don't worry about discussions getting heated from time to time, there is nothing wrong with a good discussion as that gives you more options to think about, also GV is very good at keeping everyone in check here which makes this one the most friendliest places to ask questions, unlike unmoderated places like youtube where things can get ugly quickly.

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