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Originally Posted by Fenek View Post
Transitions will not better work with Proxy ?
I'm the one in the tutorial so I can tell you what I know and learned about it all in my testing before creating the tutorial. The big place proxy mode helps is when you have multiple layers like a multicam or layered video where the data streams are big. Proxy mode rocks in those situations.

It does make editing single layers easier as well but not the huge difference it makes with multiple streams. I found that on DSLR footage I get to add a few more filters to the clip in proxy mode before it starts slowing down. It will make editing on a dual core laptop much easier. Depending on the transitions you may see improvements or not. If you are using Prodad or third party stuff or some of the alpha transitions you may not see a huge improvement as the transition is processor intensive no matter what the footage is. The smaller clips will help it out some but the magic of the transition still has to get processed. If you are using basic dissolves and normal transitions you should see the same improvement you see with the clips.

The thing I like about proxy mode is I can use it instead of HQ to easily edit my projects on any computer. That means I have lots of extra drive space now as I used to convert everything to HQ. Now I have a bunch of drives getting alot less use. I haven't created HQ files since 6.0 was released. That's a nice feature.

Proxy mode is a great addition to Edius. Especially if you do lots of multi-layer edits and don't have a big computer. Your improved performance with transitions will be mixed based on which ones you are using.
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