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I more than doubled the time to 7 mins as I wrote before... no luck, on dual monitors it totally froze my comp. Had to hit the reset button :(
Using Edius 6.01.
Machine 1:(NEW) Intel i7 3,4GHZ (OC'ed to 4.4GHZ), 16GB RAM,60GB SSD, EVGA 1GB graphics card. Win7 Ultimate (64 bit). Two 22" monitors.
Machine 2: Laptop, Intel i5 (4 cores), 4gb RAM.Win7 Ultimate (64 bit).
Real men use PCs not fruits or what goes under a baby's butt... ;o)

Learning Edius & working on a project at the same time (best way to learn!).
My journey is ongoing thanks to the kind people helping on this forum.

Greetz from Sweden!
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