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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Then there is the time to export files from AE(or other program) and then import them into Edius. If you make a mistake and have to fix something, that also takes more time.
Jerry, my process does not require AE or RED unless the user is requiring things that are not available in Edius.

The simple process is to create the desired graphic/text box background in photoshop or affinity, bring that into edius on a layer, and the put the text on another layer, and manipulate them as you see fit. This graphic can be a simple as a basic rectangle, or as complicated as you wish to make it.

Yes, it does take a bit of time to do this but not much. Most if it is deciding on what you want you use for the graphic background. If you don't want to create something from scratch, there are premade ones available on the internet, both free and paid.

I only propose this as a solution to get something a bit slicker than a basic static lower third, without having to touch AE or RED or spend a lot of money on another software package. If you want something able to work with a library of presets, or do things with just 3 mouse clicks, then a proper package is warranted.

Of course the OP said he has RED, as do I, which already has a bunch of pre-made lower thirds in it's library that he could use, if there is something suitable. but he did say it was too complicated, so my approach lets him use the tools he knows already.

This suggestion was simply put forth because the OP was asking about bringing a graphic into quicktitle to he could do his own static lower third. I simple suggested that if you stack the elements in the timeline, you can sort of "fudge" an animated lower third pretty easily.
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