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I revive this old thread again.

Two months ago a lightning hit my house: everything connected to my house wiring was melted or damaged so was my "nearly" new home editing desktop. It was a i8700K with a Samsung ssd and two WD Red in Raid0. The gpu was an Invidia gtx 1050.
I was lucky to have a full backup at my office so data are safe.

So here I am again with the same old question...
Here 99% of questions are about high end workstation but it's not my case. I film/edit for fun. Usually I edit GH4/GH5 files in UHD. A couple of tracks with some filter. Single monitor.

I see that now SSD are way cheaper and M2 ssd are becoming popular. nedless to say that I'm a bit on a budget right now but I could always use the old meme "for an additional 4.95 we will provide a receipt that matches what you told your spouse you paid" ;)

In the end what I can build nowadays with the above requirements?

Thank you in advance
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