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...a future proof system. What do you think?
No such thing as future proof, you just can push the date the future arrivves out a bit further.

Budget it the key question. And which apps you intend to run, and other issues such as UHD perhaps, and how much time you are willing to wait in exchange for a lower cost but slower system.

If this is not for business purposes with hard deadlines - you have a lot more freedom. Consider the number of people who are still using Edius 5.x or 6.x.

Sometimes, as a hobbiest we may want to upgrade for the fun of it, not because there is a hard core need to do so.

A top processor these days goes for over $1,000 or so. But it may make more sense to spend $250 now for a processor that will handle things for 2 years, and in two or three years another $250 or so for the main stream processor then.

Not sure how serious the Intel/AMD bug really is for a consumer level use machine, unless you are doing confidential personal financial stuff on it. On may well be at greater risk if using social networking sides and things like Cortana.
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