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dear tthaler,

1. first, in my previous post, i forgot to say that advc110 works not only with my media100 nle, but also with i-movie and, i suppose,with any other finalcut, avid and so on...

2. by behringer fca202: the kind behringer people addressed me to apple support,where i found a patch to solve my problem (wich was well known to them): now, in the "audio output" preferences of my mac with OSX 10.4.10 i can choose between
- internal speaker
- audio out (jack connector)
- digital out (optical out)
as before,
- fca202 (wich gives an high quality audio)

3. at this point, i change my question to a simpler one: is it possible, with mac pro and advc110, to watch a dvd film on my widescreen television set through the high quality advc110 audiovideo output???


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