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Default ADVC300 vs DV Tape Deck converter . . .

In converting analog tapes (Hi8, VHS) to digital AVI for purposes of editing in Premiere 2.0 or converting already edited analog tapes directly to DVD's I have been evaluating two options.

1. Using the ADVC300 which provides some fine tuning of the signal and costs around $400. Or . . .

2. Using a DV Tape Deck that I have (Panasonic AG-DV1000) by hooking up the S-Video and RCA audio connections and then firewiring into my PC.

If the ADVC300 is set to it's default settings, is it true that it will provide essentially the same result as passing it throught my tape deck? If that is the case, are you bacically paying $400 for the software that comes with the ADVC300?

Then the question is whether the software provided with the ADVC300 is as good that in Premiere 2.0; although the ADVC300 software is easy to use.

Keep in mind that both of my analog decks (SVHS & Hi8) are high qualitiy units with TBC (time base correction).

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