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Originally Posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
TBCs can introduce A/V delay. Generally, if one has made a "good" signal, then the ones further down won't have much to do, but there's always the slight possibility of loss just because of the signal chain.
But then you're dealing with loss and noise below the percentage range of the total signal. In the end, in my experience, potential loss caused by stacked TBCs are of no value compared to what you're doing to the signal in several later stages. Say you're going to create a DVD9 from your signal, all compression used will overblow any previous TBC 'noise'.

The only issue to look at is AV-sync, but I have yet to meet the TBC that messes up in this area during VHS/Hi8 to digital conversions. You'll get a delayed video-signal, but it will always be a steady (and controllable) one. Usually around 7 frames per TBC. If you're capturing with Premiere, this is nothing to worry about. You just delay the audio-tracks a couple of frames.
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