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Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
can you tell me if any of your hard disks contain a folder called XDROOT

if yes, can you rename to XDROOT-old and see what happens in Mync

also, are the 3 GV folders excluded from any anti virus program
Hello Anton.

These XDROOT folders do not exist in any of the hard drives.
About the Anti virus Program i have uninstalled everything and disabled completely the windows defender. (all of its functions including firewall).
Something more that i would like to ask. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the 9.20 version 2 times (on the same pc). Which is the maximum number of activations/deactivations per month on the same pc?
I don't want to loose the license because of the Mync problem.
In my opinion this is a bug. I never had any problem before with Edius , or with Mync.
You guys have all been very helpful to me and i thank you all.
Someone here from Grassvalley to answer, or give some info about that?
Computer Details
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2*640 GB WD Raid 0 for Video Editing
1 Sata Dvd-R
1 Sata Blu-Ray Reader
Nvidia GTX 1060 OC 6GB Ram 192Bit
2 LG IPS235v-BN Led 23"
Windows 10 Professional x64
Intensity Pro
Edius Workgroup 9.31.3340

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