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How about, don't deactivate, just in case, and then unplug all the hard drives, get a new drive for testing - or an old one you have hanging around doing nothing - put windows on it and install the free version of Mync only and see what happens.

If it still does not work then it is something weird about some other part of your computer.

I do this quite a lot when trying to diagnose strange problems but I do have a spare SSD hanging around. Just installing windows with not extra drivers and then putting on a program and nothing else does not take too long.

If it works plug in the extra drives and add in the other software you have a bit at a time until you find what Mync does not like.

Either use the free version of Mync or start up a new EDIUS ID and use a trial of EDIUS 9 instead of your real licence for testing.
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