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Default 30p to 24p Conversion


I have shot a lot in 60p and converted to 30p or 24p a lot with success. I am experimenting with shooting in 30p and not having the same success with conversion.

If I put 30p footage on a 24p timeline and the default is nearest neighbor, the footage has a strange awkward stutter. Like the timeline is having issues playing it back. But the buffer is full. I tried frame blending, but it was the same. I tried exporting an HXQ file and then placing back on the timeline but the stutter is still there.

It would seem that only being 6 frames away the conversion would not be a problem. Since this is not interlaced, I am not expecting a pulldown error.

So, are there any tricks I am missing to get 30fps footage to look good on a 24p timeline?

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