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Default Edius System Folder has 'transferred' folder 300 gig

Hey guys, so I'm about to upgrade my laptop from 8 to 9, and I was making sure I was backing up all my settings / presets etc first

Well my Edius System Folder is on my D drive (to keep my SSD C drive running fast) and I was shocked to see that it was 309 gig!
I narrowed it down to a folder inside of Edius System Folder called "transferred"

it appears to just be duplicate folders that I didn't personally create. AVI and MOV files that were never copied by me to there..
does Edius duplicate files while it's editing on the backend?
is this just rubbish cache I can erase?

bit confused

thank you in advance to everyone who replies

I'm wondering if there's some weird setting causing it to duplicate but I have not messed with any settings?

The videos I was editing were on an extranal drive - not my internal d drive

ASUS - 17.3" Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 - 1TB Hard Drive + 256GB SSD - Metal Star Gray
Edius Pro 9 Windows 10
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