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Originally Posted by THoff View Post
You might need a better, shielded cable. I suspect you are picking up noise from the CPU and GPU.
I have some of the equipment he's referring to and the cables are built into the case, so no real way of changing them. I've had long discussions with David about this and helped with testing out some of the USB 3 devices. You can take the same case and put in a Z77 or Z87 motherboard and that works really well, but install the 2011 pin board and use the onboard USB 3 and it has issues. It's not just internally, if you use a longer external cable plugged in through the back (over 2M) then it also drops out on the 2011 USB 3 controller, take the same drive and cable plugged into a Z77 or Z87 and it works flawlessly. But if you put in a third party USB 3 card and use the same drive etc that works fine, and I even connected the case sockets to the third party card and they worked too.
One thing I would point out though is the board David is referring to uses a Fresco logic not an Etron controller, though with the amount of testing he did I'm not surprised he got confused over which one was on the board
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