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Originally Posted by trifo View Post
First just for the public record, person responsible for folder structure of recording media need serious medical observation...
Second, person who think that folder structure +1 need for every media clip on hard drive... Hmmm
Simply can't believe that someone think is useful and practical.
Also can't believe in 2018 editing or ingesting or whatever software is not recognise media files splited by filesystem limitations...
Don't requires transcode step just need to be joined...
Conclusion, Mync is not for importing media from source...
Thanks for that info, Catalyst is free and awesome, recognise splited parts and join, clip names 0001, 0002 transform to date time taken, and miracle copy all files to ONE folder.
Unfortunately works only with SD cards recorded on Sony camcorders...
I think you slightly misunderstand my points. I am only making the distinction between a simple file copy and a transcode when dealing with folder based clips like AVCHD, and the difference between a catalog software like Mync and a "copy and transcode" software like Catalyst Browse. The functions are different, and while they could very easily both exist in Mync, the fact is that they currently don't.

As David alluded to, the AVCHD structure has more than just the video files, and these extra sidecar files hold some camera metadata and also give software instruction on how to virtually stitch the files together when playing back a clip that exceeds the file size limitation of the camera's file system. Often these clips can have areas where a couple of frames coexist in sequential files due to the the long GOP compression spanning files. A simple join is not an easy task in these instances without causing a glitch in the resulting file. This is why I suggested a trancode as a way to stitch them together correctly. Most camera manufacturers make a piece of software to combine this copy and transcode into a single step with files from their own cameras, but not other cameras, as each camera manufacturer has their own proprietary way of writing the sidecar files.

I am not saying that this is the way it has to be, I am just saying that this is the way it is.
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