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Originally Posted by More4K View Post
All of this sounds great on BM page:) Have you tired it ?
Resolve needs at least 2x more expensive machine. Its editing abilities are still not great, although getting better. It's free, but more expensive machine will "eat" your Edius license cost, so this is not so obvious.
It all mainly depends on what you actually do, what files working with? I can tell you that you won't get better grading results with Resolve compared to Edius, until you don't learn it well. Do you really need Resolve grading capabilities? Are you going spend days on grading per scene, with tracking, power windows etc?
In the same time Edius editing experience is far better, so I would say try it first. At the end Resolve is free :)
Although they don't say this, the timeline seems like a magnetic timeline, which is super cool to use, that FCP introduced a while back. When you ripple extend, it can extend multiple tracks for you.

like the M\N EDIUS cuts, they have this too.
I am familiar with node editing so the grading is not a problem for me.
What I really liked is the match color like FCP has - that you can match colors from one clip to other, multiple clips. This is a huge time-saver.
And of course the ability to sync by waveform right in the NLE.

On all the Youtubes I watched, it showed real-time without any of their hardware.
The only mention about their hardware is that it's the reason they are able to make the NLE free - because they make so much profit on their hardware.
(GRASSVALLEY also has huge hardware sales... wonder when EDIUS will be free :-) )

Most of my footage is 1080\4K and the free Resolve supports that.
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