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Default ADVC110 capture in Avid Media Composer audio issue

I'm currently testing out Avid Media Composer as a new editing and capture set up from my previous programs and I have the ADVC110 which works great capturing analog VHS or Video8 tapes in Nero Video to various formats such as AVI, MPEG and MP4, all with locked, in-sync audio. Whilst this works well, I would like to see if I can get the ADVC110 working just as good in AMC.
Had trouble at first getting AMC to recognise the ADVC110 but with the correct setting (using 'auto-configure') I finally got it to do capture video as a DV MXF file BUT can only capture video and not together with audio.
In the capture screen, every time I click on the audio channels to activate them for capture, an error comes up (FAILED TO SET THE SAMPLE RATE BACK TO THE CURRENT ONE). If I just select video, it captures video no problems. I have the sample rate set at 48khz and it does not matter what settings I change I can't seem to get it to accept video/audio capture. Even tried audio on its own with video and same problem.
Maybe I'm missing a simple setting or something to achieve video/audio capture? Any advice would be appreciated.
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