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Default New BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K mini

Would the new Ultrastudio announced by BlackMagic today work with Edius? Iím very tempted.
As a capture device - what will it capture? Iím assuming it canít capture HQX which works so well currently? Iím reluctant to give up my Storm 3G - but the appeal of 4K is high! I have however had unsatisfying results with BlackMagic and Edius. My little BlackMagic Mini monitor on Edius has an issue with proxy files for some reason when everything goes out of sync which I thought would be impossible - the video stutters and sticks when buffering but the audio continues!!) I wonder if the Ultrastudio would do this? My old Ultrastudio just used to have an annoying click click click for about 2 seconds after hitting stop every time!
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