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I hope this info may be of some help anyone following this thread.

I recently setup a system to playback DV clips out of Firewire thru ADVC. I used an old PC with a copy of Ubuntu Linux and used an app called KINO. its a very basic DV editor, but allows output to both screen and Firewire at the same time. Its a clips based editor, so creates playlists. I had no problems using it and ADVC3000 to play clips into a digibeta linear suite. I dont know if you could add additional clips to the playlist while it is playing, you would need to try it out.

I also used one of the command line tools that comes from the DV Library used by Kino to playout clips to a DV deck. Its a tool called DVconnect and allows sending a DV file out over the firewire. with this tool IT IS possible to add addition clips to the output, by using PIPES. This is a pretty lowlevel tool, so there is no nice interface and you need to know you way around linux/unix shells to use it.
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