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Default Audio slows down when importing AAF to Nuendo.

Hello all.

I am using Edius 5 and Nuendo 4 at the moment. My problem is that when I import AAF from Edius to Nuendo, i will have all the audio there but for some reason Nuendo slows down all the audio a doing a time strecth for it. All the clips are in right place and right length, only the audio inside the clip is slowed down so that it sounds like the narrator is drunk or something...

Im not sure about the right setting for exporting AAF's, any help?

Here's the Project settings:

Hardware : Generic OHCI
Frame size : 1920 x 1080
Frame rate : 25,00( 25/1 )
Pixel aspect : 1,0000
Field order : Top Field First
Rate : 48000Hz
Sample size : 16 Bit
Channel : 2
Render format : Canopus HQ Standard
Over Scan Size : 3 %

Thanks in advance!!!
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