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Hi Tomo.

A work around for your loss of the small sections is as follows. Move your small audio parts onto a new track in Edius. For instance, if you have audio for footsteps create a new audio track and move them there. Do this for any other groups of the small problem files. In effet each new audio track will act as a sub group. Mark your I/O point in the sequence to be the same as your AAF, start frame end frame. Mute all audio tracks so you only have one of your new group tracks active, then do an audio export of the timeline. Mute and and unmute in the same way for the other group tracks, until you have got all your seperate group tracks exported out as seperate long audio clips. Import these into your audio pool in Nuendo then just drag them to same start point as the rest of your mix that was from the AAF. Although they are not individual small clips anymore, you have sub groups of the same type of audio in perfect sync. If you need to at this point you can just cut up your long audio tracks in smaller sections the reperesent the original cuts and move them to further tracks if needed, remember if you move edits to a new track use edit in place, i think this is either shift or ctrl when draging, to stop you from going off your original track SMPTE point. It may just be easier to automate the mix from the faders. Again, this is only a work around. But i have done a lot of audio work like this moving between different software packs not just Edius, when AAF's and OMF's where even more unstable and next to useless.

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