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Default Canopus softare help please

Hi Jacques,

I'm more of a novice in this area compared with some of the experts out there, so perhaps we are in the same league.

Same setup, ADVC300, Win7(64).

What I found was that WinDV would not work on this platform either. So, I moved towards using EDIUS to do the capture, and to do the editing.

The only issue was that EDIUS still stopped the file capture on scene change. Yes, there were settings in EDIUS to overcome this, but they weren't always successful.

So, the downside is that you have to pay for EDIUS, the trial only goes for a month or so, but you can still try it out to see if it works for you. I think Adobe Premiere (or whatever it is called these days) does the same job, but I'm kinda sick of testing all the different options.

One method I used for quite a while was to have two OS on your computer, XP and WIN 7. Use the XP session to capture using WINDV (I still like this software, as it kept the recording going despite scene changes). The only downside was that you ended up having lots of 15 minute files that I had to rejoin using a BAT command and ffmpeg.

Once I had the complete file, I'd then use handbrake to compress the file.

The issue for me, and still is the issue, is getting a full capture of the video into one file. WinDV and ffmpeg does the job, but its just another step I'd like to avoid. EDIUS is poor on the capture side, due to the scene change problem. I think I'm still leaning towards using handbrake to do the compress, but that is more out of ignorance and its what I'm used to.

I may end up going back to XP for the capture, and create some kind of script to call winDV and to do the join in one step.
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