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Default FZ-2500 audio issue

Not sure if this is the right place..please move if necessary.

I have been using the Lumix FZ2500 for much of my documentary work lately, and although it has many features I like, and the image seems fine, it has an annoying audio problem. When using an external mic and zooming at other than very, very, very slow speeds, the audio is severely clipped (can't think of what else to call it) and almost unusable. Consequently, I make it a rule to zoom in (or out) to change the shot only when in-between important information or when a question is being asked of the on-camera person, so as to not miss the answer. Of course this isn't always possible, especially in a "run and gun" situation, so sometimes I have to do some hefty audio work to try to get that portion up to the the same level as the rest of the recording without excessive noise. I assume it's Panasonic trying to deaden the zoom motor noise, but it's very poorly implemented. Anyone else having this issue and has anyone found a solution? I have tried all the available audio settings with no solution yet.
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