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Originally Posted by AJL14 View Post
Durieux - No need to use "rolling shutter" at all. This setting only pertains to cameras which have a CMOS video capture chip in the camera which scans the picture from top to bottom - thereby giving a "rolling" effect to moving objects. Film (such as 8/Hi8,VHS,Beta) does not exhibit this effect, therefore no need to turn it on.

Until the stabilizer has completed it's work, and shows up on the timeline, you cannot transfer the timeline to DVD with stabilizing. Takes a little patience - and I know of no other stabilizer that works instantly without analyzing and then applying - such as Mercalli. The one in EDIUS has proven to be pretty good, and faster than the Mercalli edition.

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Thank you Alan for your advice. It confirms others. I have to calculate a raisonnable price to add this stabilizer that is really necessary for a major amateurs films....
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