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Originally Posted by DigitalDave View Post
I cant help but saying I'm not surprised. I have two legacy systems running NX and I wouldn't dream of updating them to Win10 or Edius 8. That fact that it worked at all was luck!!!!
I dont think NX was actually supported in Edius 7.
Simplest thing will be to replace the NX with a BM Intensity.
EDIT Might be worth looking at Audio Devices - will check in a moment. Maybe you need to loop the audio to the soundcard/device IN from the audio OUT of the NX which was a trick around since the Canopus Storm.
EDIT 2 looked at my NX settings (on a legacy system) - thought there was a select audio device in the setup but appears I'm wrong. Plug speaker/Headphones directly into NX Out, if you can hear sound then loop back into soundcard....if you cant it's time to get an update to a BM.
THANKS for your help! Believe it or not, now everything works fine after unplugging the audio cables and plugging them again on the back of my PC.
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