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Hi Alan.

I sometimes have difficulties with real time playback in a UHD project if I'm pushing the timeline too hard. I'm using work group and dropping the timeline resolution will usually get me out of trouble. If you forget to switch back to full resolution when exporting a master, it doesn't matter as Edius will know what you are doing and go full res for the export.

Couldn't give any advice on proxy editing as I've not used it due to the fact that I'm usually in a rush to get on with things. If you've got time then proxy mode may help.

Also, if you've got time and disk space, you may want to consider transcoding all your native rushes to HQX. You'd be very surprised as to how far you can go with real time UHD performance using HQX. I do this myself sometimes for comps and for codecs that my system won't stand a chance playing, and it helps me avoid dropping too low for timeline playback resolution when using multiple UHD HQX tracks.

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