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Originally Posted by mediaworx View Post
I use a quick workaround. I subscribe to Adobe CC so I did a test. I loaded premiere and dropped the clips on the timeline. Premiere has made their sync feature very easy to use. Once clips are on the Premiere timeline you just have to lasso all the clips, right click on them and select syncronize. It did it pretty quick on my test. Then just export as a FCP XML. Then just import the XML file into edius and Viola! Perfect sync.
If uyour subscribing to Adobe for other products like I do, might as well take advantage of this feature for no additional cost to you. I won't edit in Premiere(too slow to navigate it) Edius is much faster. Hope this helps. I wish Edius would implement this feature and have it work the same exact way, it's pretty awesome.
Interesting. Just tried with 2 tracks and importing the XML from Premiere Pro CC 2017 to Edius 8.31 gives me the following error:

#E_TIMELINE_ADD_CLIP : Der Clip konnte nicht zur Timeline hinzugefügt werden (Translation: clip couldn't be added to timeline)
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