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I do NOT have a problem with noise or unsatisfactory levels with my ADVC. I am truing to understand your system to help determine where the problem is. If you prefer, I will make this my last help offering.

Linear vs log scale helps put the relative levels in your screen grab in perspective to others. It makes a difference in the on-screen display. The waveform levels will correspond to the level of the input signal.

Some firewire port implementations cannot provide adequate power for the ADVC110. (That is because there is no solid, enforced, standard for firewire port power.) Whether or not this is helping induce noise in your case I do not know, but is has caused capture problems for others in the past. Using a separate power supply for the ADVC110 might help but that is no assured. If I recall correctly, at least some versions of the Pinnacle MovieBox use a separate power supply and connects via USB, not firewire. But there are several models and its not clear which model you have.

Noise sometimes is introduced by systems having multiple grounds in the wiring - and multiple electrical paths to ground. Having the computer and VCR connected to separate power circuits, or having inverted phase in the connection, could cause this with typical consumer gear. Also I have read past complaints of noise cause by poorly shielded SCART connections/cables. That noise would likely sound like a video signal leaking into the audio and would also be sensitive to any ground issues. Cable routing can also make a difference with audio noise pick-up, especially if a mix of consumer gear is used.

A few seconds of .WAV file with the noise would allow us to see the waveform details and spectrum and possibly identify the likely noise source.
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