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Originally Posted by dpalomaki View Post
I agree the waveform capture looks lower, that is no surprise. (Is it set to linear or log scale?) The Pinnacle is no doubt designed around consumer gear levels which are perhaps 14 dB lower, (and have perhaps 6 dB less head room) than profesional sound levels.

I think the point was to raise the audio level before it reaches the ADVC, not after becoems a DV stream.

The noise you mention is the larger concern. Can you post a short sample of the signals wiht their noise, and please tell us the confugration you are using to capture - including how the ADVC and other gear is powered?
1. "(Is it set to linear or log scale?)" what does it matter? i uploaded same video captured with 2 devices, in same edit program so you can see the difference. plain and simple.
2. "the point was to raise the audio level". are you serious? becouse this stupid converter doesn't do the job properly, i am supposed to buy additional hardware to rise somehow the audio wich is just fine as you can see from waveform?
3. "The noise you mention". do yourself a simple test. capture in your room, with no sounds like tv or speak or watever. so you should have a plain wave form. at normal level, you will not hear anything. now, play again that but at maximum volume from your system. the background noise (sound captured from room) gets amplified and at the maximum volume is disturbing. it is the same principle. since the capture made with advc is low in volume, i have to rise the volume to a normal level wich means that the voices, music is rised but olso, the static background noise is amplified as well.
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