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Originally Posted by David Clarke View Post
I use a laptop all the time but you have to accept that they are not as powerful as desktops and more costly to fix. In addition to the above I would say:
  • The laptops that have 9900K desktop processors don't generally have Quick Sync and QS makes quite a huge difference if using H.264 footage.
  • The ones I have used with 9900K and a good nVidia graphics card are actually pretty noisey.
  • Getting a decent i/o device is harder. I have had issues with BM's USB3 devices on many laptops. Thunderbolt is better but still times there are problems.
For me the big advantage is I can use it anywhere but when back at base I can plug in 3 PC screens and a keyboard and use it like a regular PC.
Ironically I never use this particular laptop on the road. Honestly it's just too heavy and not user friendly for that scenario. I currently use it in a similar fashion as you when I'm back at base just like a regular pc.
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