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Originally Posted by kbosward View Post
I wrote a little utility last year which allows you to save and load Picture Controller 300 settings. It also lets you turn on slider tick marks! (But no numeric values, sorry).

It is called PCtrl300 Settings.

That is an awesome program, Ken. I'm very thankful for it as I had to previously "estimate" my settings each time I ended a capture session for the day. I've been using it shortly after you put the link up on the old canopus forum. I noticed that this new version might have a bug in it (but it could be my computer). When ever I am viewing the "filter" tab and choose to restore/load a profile, it gives me an error message saying that ADVC 300 didn't start up correctly or something like that. However, when I switch back to the old version, it doesn't do that. I know, it sounds strange. This happened regardless of whether I used my old PCtrl300Settings.ini or start creating a new one by making new profiles.

Although not a big deal, I couldn't create a shortcut to the older version of your program one of my keyboard would only work if I made the shortcut to the newer version.
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