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For my situation the CPU usage is definitely EDIUS and not something else. Using either Task Manager or Process Explorer you can see the CPU usage of specific applications. If it was indexing or something else it would show those apps as the culprit.

I just tried EDIUS on a Surface Book 2, Core I5. It is a fresh install. Created a blank project and EDIUS uses very little (what I would expect CPU) if left to be idle.

When I do encoding I set EDIUS to have only the time line and the main window open. With those open it still uses 20% CPU sitting idle.

I found the culprit. I have a Decklink Mini Monitor. If set EDIUS to the Generic OHCI - output then CPU goes to 1% load when sitting idle.

EDIUS 9.5 seems to have a similar problem. If I switch to not using the Decklink I get expected low CPU usage. When it is enabled it fluctuates but whenever I switch to another application it will start going to about 20% CPU usage.
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