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Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
I really don't know if anyone is going to fix Quicktitler, I doubt it because to fix it would require a whole new titler, maybe we get on in E10?

it is not the monitor resolution that causes the issue, it is caused by the user not using the native resolution of the monitor

native resolution = 100% scaling, however you will need a magnifying glass when using a UHD mon in native resolution
Alright Anton.

I would have thought that E9 would have been the perfect opportunity to have done something about QT and other legacy problems. It wouldn't surprise me if the same things are said when 10 comes out and the suggestion that 11 may fix them.

As for the resolution and scaling of UHD. I'd have to disagree with you that this issue is caused by the user not using the native resolution of the monitor. I know other people who never use 100% and for good reason. The option to use any monitor for whatever reason and its resolution, native or not, is a choice. If certain software can't perform as expected on the platform that it's designed for, I'd say that's an oversight of the software. This is clear when using other software that's been better thought out for the environments being used. Not many people will use these things the same way as the next person, so flexibility with regard a tailored personal setup is very important.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that unless people have had proper experience working with the benefits of multiple UHD monitors. The obvious gains to using such a work space can be very misunderstood. I had similar views on UHD myself and previously used ultra-wide monitoring at lower resolutions. After using UHD, I personally couldn't back down to lower resolutions. Not that there's anything wrong with lower resolutions, like I said, these things are a personal choice and none are wrong if it works for any individual and suits their workflow. Restrictions to these options is the problem, not a person's choice.

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