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Originally Posted by antonsvideo View Post
ideally, you connect your UHD monitor to the 4k output of a BM card and don't use UHD for desktop, it simply breaks too many things because of scaling not at 100%, some plugin interfaces are totally useless when desktop scaling is larger than 100%

that is why I only use desktop monitors at 100% scaling and if you use 100% on a UHD screen, you will be watching ants from space

consider 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 at 100%, it is great
Alright Anton.

I do have my BM card attached as well but it’s also being used along with another capture card for various configurations and routings with other software, including OBS and is being used with a third monitor option.

The only real problem I’m having is Edius. Even without some of the plugins/external applications being taken into consideration and their issues with scale, the Edius GUI is causing the most headaches. It probably wouldn’t be such a hassle if Edius wasn’t the linchpin to my whole setup.

There’s simply things going on that are just woefully wrong. That whole resizing issue of QT is just mad. I don’t understand why the GUI resolution should effect that particular issue. Any titles being generated are nothing to do the with the host GUI resolution, they’re strictly part of the Edius project resolution. The internal rendering and overlaying of such things must be in relation to the project. They simply have to be because you’re working to a video output that has its own frame buffer and resolution that’s completely independent to the host’s GUI resolution and nothing to do with it.

Also, Edius’ own video output overlay that’s being drawn to the host’s GUI monitor will be completely different sizes on different setups. Everyone has their own particular layout of the Edius panels that suits their workflow. This layout, again nothing to with the host resolution, shouldn’t be impacted, but it is.

BTW Anton, please don’t think I’m trying to tell you anything that you don’t already know, I’m not, you know exactly what I’m bleating on about. This detail is more for those who don’t realise the impact to a workflow with such issues.

I appreciate that 1440 etc. works best for you, as it should because that’s what you want and as the editor you should have that option. But for anyone working at higher/different host resolutions, there shouldn’t be such restrictions being applied, especially ones that simply stop you dead in your tracks. Plus, with even higher resolutions and monitor sizes on the horizon, I can’t see UHD GUI monitoring being an uncommon choice.

I do realise that there are certain Windows’ issues that can play a part here, but only certain ones. Most of the tedium I’m experiencing is Edius bound and I dare say it’s legacy issues rearing themselves, again.

It is beyond frustrating.


BTW. 1440/1600 scaled 100% does look great natively but not so much on a UHD native panel.
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