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Default Edius 9 panels go missing when changing GUI/monitor resolution


I'm wondering if anyone had come across this.

As I've recently had issues when changing the GUI/monitor resolution, with titles changing etc. depending on the monitor resolution, 1080 and 4K/UHD. I've had no option but to keep exiting and reopen projects in different GUI resolutions in order to complete certain titling tasks.

During this time I've also noticed that certain panels will go missing from the screen, presumably depending upon where they where positioned when previously opened within a certain resolution. Although I can't say for certain that this is the case.

Although I can't say for sure what causes this, it definitely happens and can mean an absolute stop to a particular project as you can't see certain important panels to proceed. The inability to save certain stuff is a pretty big show stopper.

Has anyone come across this? Is it easily fixable? Or is there an easy workaround that doesn't rely on the very tedious process of closing a project, changing the GUI resoltion, re-open project, go to said task/panel that couldn't be seen in previous resolution, change it's position and hope for the best, save the project, change the GUI resolution, re-open the project etc. etc. etc.

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