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Make sure you back up your machine prior to update. Saves a load of stress.

A while back I updated 3 machines.
1) perfect
2) could no longer access bank . Permanent error.
3) could not access public network folders access denied.

Restored images to 2 & 3.

Recently updated 2 & 3 up to 1903 without problems. This time I downloaded Windows10Upgrade9552.exe from MS and used that.

Best of luck
Sys1: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 i7 8086K(4.3Ghz), 16Gb ram, 256Gb SSD system + 2x2Tb video drives, Graphics: nVidia 1060 (W10 Pro) E8v3
Sys2 :Clevo i7 6700HQ 3.5Ghz,16Gb ram 2565Gb SSD + 1Tb (W10 Pro)
Software: E8v3 WG; Sony Vegas Pro13; DVD Architect 5.2
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