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Originally Posted by BernH View Post
Yep, big B little b things can easily get overlooked.
Hi Bern.

Don't forget the small i as well :)

I remember back in the day when everything was all measured as 1024 and then the shift to 1000, KiB VS KB etc.

And also Words of two 8 bit bytes, basically 16 bits.

I used to use some very early samplers that measured in Words for RAM although the manufacturer would often quote MiB in 8 bit Words. This would get very confusing conversing with other sound engineers or producers in critical recording scenarios as the storage/recording RAM was so small anyway and you'd be measuring digital recording/sampling time in fractions of seconds. Especially when the base memory was only 32, 64 or 128 KiB and the data dumps to floppy were only small. I used to use quick disk floppies which had very little space, so storage calculations were a proper issue.

You'd very often have to bit budget by dropping the sampling bit depth right down to 8 bit and drop the sampling frequencies as well depending on the acoustic frequency response of the source.

Nyquist would have been turning in his grave :)

I've never found out why the shift to 1000 was made. Especially bearing in mind that everything is done in binary which is obviously base-2 where 1000 isn't represented by any single bit.

Maybe it was done to simplify the math as people may have been short-handing anyway. Similar to 29.97 and 30 FPS, where 29.97 gets short-handed to 30 although they are both uniquely different frame rates.

Who knows :)

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