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I was playing around with the mixer and found that if I moved the pan to center, the HQ clip which was converted to stereo has proper levels. This only works when the mixer channel is set to "clip"

So within a mono only timeline, you can bring in a stereo clip, combine the tracks to have stereo on one track and if you pan to center the levels will be correct.

Now, this would be great if we could have a stereo track or two within a mono timeline. For example: A1 and A2 would be mono (A1 panned to the left and A2 panned to the right) then A3 and A4 be stereo (panned to the center) for anything you need to bring in the project that is stereo.

Is this possible and I don't know how to do it? I just see the little a12 indicator that changes when you right-click and choose to have stereo on or off.

About the HQ clip - Yes, I had some interviews that I shot in 1080p that were already processed and finished. I added them to a 720p project of a concert.
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