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Originally Posted by darkio View Post
Hi all !
My system is based on windows 7 32 bit, 3 gigs ddr2, a lot of space (about 8 TB), quad core Q9650 and spursengine card (firecoder blu).
My problem: cannot open some direct show files on firecoder writer.
First of all aviutl project with vfapi plugin. I prefer edit my movie on aviutl, like resize, crop, denoise etc etc, then save my project and use vfapi converter for fake avi. Most editor like virtualdub are able to open it, but FB writer is unable to do. I prefer export with spursengine but fails.
Please, help me.
Sadly, FirecoderBlu is GV's stepchild & practically unsupported! It works fine in EDIUS 6 but forget Firecoder writer software!
Spurs engine based hardware will be better supported by third party tools such as TMPGEnc XPress 4.0 or TMPEG Mastering Works with the additional Spurs engine plugin!
TMPEG software should be able to read signpost AVI's! I do this with AVIsynth & the PISMO file mounter + AVFS (Avisynth Virtual File System) which respresents the scripts as uncompressed AVI after mounting it.

Firecoder writer is a tool with very poor input support!
For example, the install package contains QT, but QT files can't be loaded in writer software!
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