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Originally Posted by ulyssesvideo View Post
filming in log is still not as good as HLG.

HLG contains more info than LOG or rec 709...
Raw is the best option if available.

Log is a great alternative to RAW as it give you better ability to recover highlights and low-lights while grading than if you filmed in standard rec 709 video... .. HLG has a large range and thats why is has more colour info etc...

and NO. there are no update and will be no update for proRES raw for the GH5/gh5s camera.

as I said all along... at the end of the day.. there is NO advantage converting LOG to HLG when it comes to colour information etc.
only advantage is your able to display it on a HDR monitor.

Your generalisation stating that 'HLG contains more info than LOG ' is misleading. Different camera manufacturers set different standards for their LOG (Gamma, Gamut, 8 bit or 10 bit etc). The GH5 may be different to Sony but Sony 10 bit SLog will have a higher Dynamic range than HLG, both will have a fairly similar colour gamut.

In your related link to I cannot see any thing in that article that states HLG is better than LOG.

I am aware that there is some debate re the best GH5 Vlog and HLG output formats but that is related to that camera and not others so you should not assume that HLG is better than other types of LOG. Peter
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