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Originally Posted by Ron Evans View Post
My understanding is RAW would be the preferred source as it gives most flexibility for grading afterwards. Next is your choice of Log formats. Not sure that matters much and depends on camera as long as it is 10bit 4:2:2 and maximizes the camera dynamic range and can be graded to your intended delivery format.

Back to the original topic for HLG , to meet spec, that has to be 10bit 4:2:2. Creating that from an 8bit 4:2:0 source is missing out a lot of information.

I just wonder if Panasonic will create a firmware update for the GH5's to deliver ProRes RAW over HDMI that the Ninja V could record. Nikon has announced this for their camera but not delivered yet.
filming in log is still not as good as HLG.

HLG contains more info than LOG or rec 709...
Raw is the best option if available.

Log is a great alternative to RAW as it give you better ability to recover highlights and low-lights while grading than if you filmed in standard rec 709 video... .. HLG has a large range and thats why is has more colour info etc...

and NO. there are no update and will be no update for proRES raw for the GH5/gh5s camera.

as I said all along... at the end of the day.. there is NO advantage converting LOG to HLG when it comes to colour information etc.
only advantage is your able to display it on a HDR monitor.


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