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Originally Posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
Do you have a preset made for the BM? It would seem that if you are editing in the truck, you should be able to open EDIUS with the BM selected as the device preset and do your editing and microwave directly off the timeline. I also think it should be rare that you should ever have to render anything first.

If you edit outside the truck, it would seem normal that the BM would not be "hot swappable".
Yes, I do have a preset for the BM.

More often than not I'm not not physically editing on a live truck - anywhere with a chair and table! And if a truck or feedpoint is available, I'd physically walk the laptop over and plug in. The BM is in my laptop kit but usually not connected unless required as we jostle equipment around, connectors get bent and broken.

Choosing a truck or feedpoint is usually because I'm editing down to the wire and can't spend the 5-10mins uploading an XDCAM MPEG file back or else I'd miss our airtime slot. So shaving a minute or two off from closing and re-opening Edius would reduce my stress by a notch!

That said, I do understand that ENG news users are probably a fraction of the Edius userbase and the demands for news are fairly unique compared to other productions.
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