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Originally Posted by BernH View Post
There is a lot more block noise, macroblocking, blurring, etc. in the ADVC500 file you posted there.
1. Personally, I find the picture fluctuations in Pinnacle in the rear of the yellow house worse? This has the Canopus ADVC box in my opinion better done.

2nd The noise I would like to look at the software Picture Controller me, because unfortunately I do not know the settings of the ADVC 500. It could be that the software was wrongly set by the previous owner.
Otherwise, the Elkos, etc. have already been checked, because I got two devices and the previous owner has cheated on Ebay. He claims in his description that he sells a device in top condition, little needed. And then came a device that was defective. The 2nd + 3rd device then worked. In all devices has already been repaired and soldered. This shows all that the Ebayer only deals with the devices and these were not in his first possession.
I'll probably look for a Canopus ADVC 110.

Greetings Klaus
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