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Originally Posted by spurfilm View Post
Never mind. We just need another EDIUS user with BMIP4K and a 50p 4K monitor to confirm Dave's findings. My 4K monitor is only 25p.

BTW, 9.40WG seems very stable so far. My only disappointment is that my CPU does not have Quick Sync. Although UHD 50p 8-bit H.264 material is absolutely fine, Mavic 2 Pro material filmed at UHD 25p 10-bit HEVC/H.265 stutters like hell, and needs to be bumped up to HQX.
Hi Rick.

The odd thing about the DJI stuff is that they donít seem to use the same consistent encode settings across their devices for the codecs. Their h.264 stuff isnít the same when compared across devices and Iíve seen different performance responses when using h.265 from different devices of theirs that were shot at the same video settings.

How is your real-time response if you drop your project from 10 Bit to 8 Bit with the Mavic stuff?

Itís a real shame that HQ/X isnít used within the industry, it would make for a fantastic acquisition codec. Iíve tested it in the past within a field recorder setup and it was just brilliant.

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