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Originally Posted by spurfilm View Post
Thanks, Dave. I was really wanting to know if 50p shots on a 25p timeline will be displayed by a BM Intensity Pro 4K on a UHD 25p monitor? In other words, will the 50p shots be regarded as 25p by the BMIP?
Hi Rick.

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear.

If you're in a 25 project and use 50 footage, then you can monitor at 25.

I do similar with 30/60.

I've not done 25/50, but you may need to change how Edius plays out the conversion as you may get frame blending. Although you'd think that Edius would just choose the first frame and jump/ignore the second, I've a feeling that I've seen it blend them in the past. If that's the case just choose nearest neighbour.

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