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It starts already at appr. 73% (it hovers between 65% and 80%). NO start at 100%. At idle it does 2%.
I am watching my computer screen (no BM card + TV) and the timeline has a few effects on it.
Intel GPU is at about 20% and the Nvidea card (1070) is at 8%.
The buffer starts at 250 and goes down to 1 and the stuttering starts.

I don't get why the processor is not at 100% and stills stutters (and other programs get the processor to 100%).


BTW: I changed hardware, swapped the SSD drive with the OS + Edius. It had this behaviour before. So I guess hardware and its drivers are not the problem (because I changed those). Probably something in the OS or Edius (they stayed the same).
System: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro, Win10, i9 9900K, 16 Gb RAM 3200MHz, M2 SSD 250Gb for OS and Edius, M2 SSD 500Gb for projectfiles, several HDD for archieving, dual screen Benq PD2700U, GTX1070, Corsair H115i Watercooling, E9.5WG, Mercalli V4, TPMG Authoring Works 5, Sony fdr-ax700
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